Do you have that Wednesday vibe yet?


Most Contractors count the rainy days as bad ones. We count them as new opportunities. Today GHI has traveled across the bridges to the small town of Hinsdale, NH.

(If you haven’t heard of us, look us up we’re right next door!)

We are re-doing a bathroom with a new sink, faucets, a new toilet, a new bathtub and shower wall. I mean indoor projects are what rainy days are all about!



The Bathroom you see here in these pictures will be entirely re-done with the items stated above. (And as you can see it’s even a fine bathroom now!)

But that doesn’t stop GHI from making it better. Because we’re not happy until you are.

Throughout the day we will be posting pictures and pieces of the project and how we are coming along to show you folks some insight on our daily lives!

Thank You,

-The GHI Team


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As Saturday approaches, GHI and it’s crew get ready to team up with local wholesale grocery giant C&S to take on a much needed charity event! All day Saturday workers from both companies will be working hard from dawn to dusk helping one of the local girls’ camps regain some life in the structures throughout their camp.

Now you may not be able to attend like we can but there is a way YOU can help!

Share GHI and it’s Facebook page as much as possible and if you haven’t already make sure to go ahead and like our page and drop us an email!

It will help us prepare for support for our future events and you will get to help a local small business out in the meantime!

Thank you all very much ahead of time!




“Sit back, relax, it will end in your favor if it’s meant to be”

How many times have you heard these words? Most people follow them day by day like it’s their job. But does it ever actually get you anywhere?

Leaders in every company have a go get it mindset and a will not fall attitude. They see  an opportunity and seize it. If they’re put in a hard situation they overcome it. Sitting back and relaxing is not something they can really ever do, they don’t believe in “Meant to be” they believe in getting what they want.

This is why they’re leaders, owners, company presidents. They didn’t work the grind and just wait for life to hand them things, they went out, pushed the grind to the side and said “No, I want this out of life”.

Have you been stuck in a job you don’t like? Have a passion you desire but haven’t put your foot to the grindstone yet? Want to learn a new skill but don’t think you have the time?

Make a change, go against the grain and become a do’er.

In this era do’ers turn into leaders and the same old routine turns you into someone who constantly wonders what they could be doing with their life.

GHI turned into what it is today because of a “do’er”.

So take that first step today to achieving greatness and you may just be that much happier.

GHI thinks so!




To think just a couple weeks ago everyone was bundled up in warm jackets, getting out of their vehicles with the heat up high and hoping another snow storm won’t come  passing through the northeast.

Now here we are a couple weeks later in April and it’s sunny and 75.

Now it’s the time to start the winter projects that you have been putting off until summer. So as you come out of the woodwork and your cozy homes and start the extravagant journey into the summer months with household projects, new buildings, decks, swimming pools and so fourth, we here GHI want you to keep something in mind.


No matter the scope of your project or the outcome, the end design is the most important. The quality that you put in to make the final result last in time and the finished look should be the primary focus of any project.

The two most common things customers look for is

A. How long it lasts/Quality

B. How impressive and Nice it looks/Design

So take your time and do it right. Think of Home Improvement like “Jenga” If you leave out just one block, the entire tower could fall.

Quality and Design go hand in hand and tends to make the difference between a good contractor and a GREAT contractor.

Be a GREAT contractor.


GHI Monday Installer TIP:

home improvement

When you run a Home Improvement company there is not much you can do in the rain, But that also gives us a lot more office time to connect with you folks!

So to start, we are going to share some valuable information. We were recently searching out hardware for a job we are on where installing appliances are involved. Everything from the kitchen stove to the bathroom toilet.

Now most people want a new toilet but have no idea how to install one. Of if they call a professional, they still like to know what they need available.

Well GHI is going to solve that list for you right now. Whether you are a home improvement specialist, a single contractor or a do it yourself kind of home owner, don’t stop reading yet!


Do you have what it takes to install a toilet? Let give you a list of what you’ll need for the job.

  1. Adjustable Wrench (Why not?)
  2. Rag and putty knife
  3. Standard and Phillips screwdrivers
  4. Caulking
  5. Flexible supply lines
  6. Safety Goggles (If you lose an eye, it’ll be harder to install the toilet)
  7. Sealant Tape
  8. Level (Keep it even)
  9. Toilet Seat (This may help the situation)
  10. Wax Ring
  11. Floor Flange Bolts

And there you have it! That is all you need to install your brand new toilet! Not too long of a list huh?

If you like tips like these and want more, send us your email address to and we will add you to our list of loyal customers who get frequent tips, advice and savings discounts!

Credit Cards Now Welcome!


Want a home improvement job but hate the idea of cash and not too thrilled about finding a check?

Would you like to take one of those credit cards on file and use a credit limit vs money in your bank account?

Not to confident you can get the loan you want?

GHI is happy to announce that we now accept credit cards!

Whether it be a small amount just to save some of your cash or you want to throw most of the project on a credit card limit we can get it done!

No more worries about money in your bank

No more worries about getting the loan you need when you have available credit limits

No more worries on Finding your check book.

Just swipe and your on your way!


Call GHI at 802-254-6706 today for your free estimate and choose us for the best quality in town!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

GHI Could Be Looking For You!


The GHI crew is looking for an experienced plumber that is licensed in Vermont and New Hampshire.

We are looking to develop a sort of partnership with said individual where they are mostly available when we need them and not under direct employment from us.

Said individual needs to have proof of insurance, experience, and licenses.

GHI has various Home Improvement needs on jobs throughout the year and is looking for someone who would enjoy the extra work.

Message us on Facebook or contact us through email at

Everything Can Change In a Day


For new leaders and entrepreneurs at their best, life is a fair uncertainty. You start to realize everything can change in a day. No matter how much you have grown your business and how many plans you have put into action. Your perspective in these times is what matters.

You can have booming business and just like how it can not rain for months in the Sahara, you can have your own drought.

A great leader isn’t one who gives up, and isn’t one that hides this from his crew.

In times when a company faces challenges it is best advised to brainstorm ideas with the people on your team.

This creates trust, and self worth within a company and brings the employees closer to the employer.

The ideas and plans people can make when prompted in a time of urgency can really help a drought situation trudge along and push a company to survive.

How an employer manages his team in this time is also crucial. He has to push his urgency and stress induced ideas to the side and just do whats ethical and think rational.

Because you have to remember, as long as you keep pushing you won’t fail and even in the desert it will rain again.

Everything can change in a day. Tomorrow you may wake up and all your worries will be gone. Customers could be flowing through your door and you could be booked for weeks.

So relax, take a minute and listen to GHI when we say things get better because as long as you keep working hard, results will follow.

That’s the Giroux Way.

-The GHI Team

5 Tips to Liven Up Your Home:


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A home is the reflection of who you are. It is your identity away from the workplace. It is your safe haven and is suppose to represent who you are internally. The key to a happy home is from time to time to take the extra effort to spruce it up a little and remodel or re-new some of the best parts of it. Here are 5 semi-quick and easy solutions to liven up your home once again!

1. Paint a Wall:

Want an old room to feel fresh and brand new again? Paint already peeling off at points? Sick of that old color? Time to paint it once again! Use a more in tune color with your house or refresh such a room with a more vibrant feel. Just make sure to prepare before hand so the clean up isn’t such a hassle. Lay down tape over the whole room so you don’t get paint anywhere you don’t want it. Lastly, if you don’t like the look of just one wall painted, continue painting the whole room and enjoy the new feel!

2. Replace Windows:

Windows are a big factor of your home and living in it comfortably. If you have old enough windows and your home becomes chilly and drafty way to easily it may be time to replace them! Not only will this improve your heat bill, it will also give you a chance to spruce up the look of your house in an important way. There are many, many different style designs of windows that local window companies can offer you to fit the design or stand out from your home and give it a whole new look. Now it’s just up to you to choose.

3. Don’t forget the Ceiling:

Your ceiling covers your whole home now doesn’t it? So per say you turned it into something worthwhile with a little eye candy. That would be tremendously beneficial to the look and feel of your entire home and we promise if your looking for that new feel, you won’t regret it.

4. Clear Away The Clutter! All of It:

Clutter causes most people to feel frustrated and unhappy to a degree. Most of us do not want a messy house. Take some time and build extra shelving, storage units or organize a closet or two to fit more than you thought they would. Once you get that extra clutter out of there your mood will improve and your home will feel fresh. We promise

5. Remodel your Bathroom:

Now this may be a larger task that you most likely should pay someone else to tackle *cough cough, GHI  cough*

But even so if you plan on selling your house eventually or just want a visual overhaul remodeling your bathroom may be the best plan you can have. You can start with a thorough cleaning of the floor and walls to remove any mold, then start to think about the color you want for your bathroom. You can also change the shower curtain, add different towels or erect a few pictures. You probably won’t realize till halfway through how much such small changes can improve the look of your bathroom. If you have a little more to invest, considering putting in a new modern sink. Tempered glass bathroom sinks are a very nice way to add color to a room, at least in our my opinion.

Each of these 5 tips could be done on your own given an adequate amount of time and some knowledge. However it never hurts to have a professional do it for high quality results that make you happy!

Visit Giroux Home Improvement today if you are looking for a professional.

Christmas in April


So it’s spring you say? Giroux Home Improvement begs to differ.

We wake up this morning and have our morning coffee getting ready for the day and what do we see? White flurries outside!

Well that is what you expect in December. Oh wait, Oops, It’s April and this isn’t and April fools joke! (We wish)

So what should you do indoors on this snowy April day?

GHI has an idea.

You could start by going over to our facebook page and Joining our new closed group we started Called “Everything Giroux Home Improvement”

This will give you the latest updates, specials and promotions from GHI as well as some of our blogging as to our journey’s around the New England region.

Then you can compile a list of projects, ideas, add-ons and so fourth you need done in your home that you can afford and when you get it all done. Give us a call and we’ll be on our way to give you an accurate, free, estimate that is sure to impress.

Just because it’s a snowy day, doesn’t mean it has to be a non productive one.

That’s the Giroux Way!